The Cuban Boys would like to clarify the situation regarding the recent issue of the re-recording of the Still Game BBC TV Theme, 'Cuban Boy'

Some people have been making the assumption that the theme tune has been re-recorded as a result of the Cuban Boys denying permission for the BBC to continue using the bands' recording on the new series. This assumption is incorrect.

The Cuban Boys would like to make it absolutely clear that, when asked, they have always given their full blessing to the BBC for the use of their recording, whether that be for the tv series or any associated live shows, documentaries etc.

In June 2016, the Cuban Boys were approached by the BBC for permission to use the band's recording on the new series. As always, the Cuban Boys were more than happy for the BBC to use their recording and an agreement was signed and returned to the BBC. The Cuban Boys also offered to update their recording for any new production.

It appears that sometime between June and September 2016, the BBC production team have taken that idea and decided to commission their own re-recording of the theme tune. At no point, not even as a matter of courtesy, were the Cuban Boys consulted about the re-recording of their arrangement. The band have subsequently been advised that the agreement they had signed would not be honoured.

As you might imagine, the Cuban Boys are highly disappointed with the actions the BBC have taken, especially as the band have remained so loyal to the show over the years and have always rejected any other commercial approaches to exploit the popularity of their recording.

When the Cuban Boys originally gave permission for the BBC to use their recording, the band considered this an act of co-operation within the arts. The band trusted the BBC with their recording, they did not expect the BBC to break that trust some years later.

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